Lake Mead Invaded
Southland Youths Shatter Silence

Saturday, August 28, 1999 - Lake Mead Reporter (c)1999 - All rights reserved

Four Las Vegas youths and five Orange County, CA elders ruined what was to be one of the seasons' finest days.  Just after 10:00am, sleeping crows awoke to  the roar of Doug's not-so-silent "Silent Choice" exhaust. 






He and his three crew members were joined by Marty's quiet boat, a very nice Four Winns, and Randy's two Wave Runners.








Many enjoyed a tube ride or waterski run.  Even young Scotty had a turn.

  Even though Scotty is new to tubing, he doesn't miss a beat.  Here he is giving the thumbs up signal to the driver.

Here are some of the other skiers: