Cousin "Uncle Marty" Visits Jake
Boston and Johnson's Famous "Apple Acres" Too

Kennybunkport Gazette              September 30, 1999
I had heard so many good things about the Johnson family's annual Apple Acres Farm Bluegrass Festival, I couldn't resist a quick trip back to check it out for myself.  It was 10 times better than I had expected.  I also got to visit with Aunt Elaine, Uncle Bobby, the kids, grandkids, in-laws, and outlaws.

Here's some photos of the trip.. 

Lunch at Stephanie's in Boston

Young Shactman's house in Biddeford,ME

Lisa inside their new house

University of New England where Peter attends school to become a P.A.

Goose Rock Beach near Biddeford

Biddeford Pool


Nature walk with guide "Bradley"


Lisa gets into Bluegrass at Apple Acres Farm

Peter, Lisa and Jake enjoying the festival.

Jake blasts apples at target across the pond using new "AppleBlaster"

Peter, Lisa and Jake ride through the apple orchard in tractor-drawn wagon

Marty tests apples for flavor and texture

Johanna makes apple cider doughnuts with new machine set up on front porch

Lisa and Marty visit Bush's estate in Kennybunkport, ME.

Thanks to all my relatives and friends for making my trip very enjoyable!  Come out to California sometime soon so I can return the hospitality.

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